Saturday, June 17, 2006

sleepy rainy days

beautiful gray cloudy day outside
it makes me think of when i was a kid
growing up in el paso
how excited i would get
when the sleepy rainy days came
i had a perfect view of the mountains from my bedroom window
as the clouds would majestically roll over and down the mountainside
creating the exact atmosphere i needed
to put my favoite records on and drift away
to my imaginary rock'n'roll place
listening to "all mod cons" just wasn't the same
when the sun was beating down
it took a special cloudy day
to enjoy most of my music t
he ritual of carefully removing the selected vinyl
slowly cleaning the record
placing it on the turntable
and gently laying down the needle
made the whole experience even more worthwhile
i miss the serenity of taking in an entire record
from start to finish
only concentrating on what was coming in through the headphones
and nothing else
the adult life has washed those days away
in a haze


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