Sunday, June 18, 2006

f day

never been a fan of malls
hate 'em
always have
always will
the teenage confusion they incited
will nag me forever
but it's over 100 friggin' degrees in texas today
so hanging out with a forty at the lake
with the gun toting farmer's tan hillbillies
didn't sound real appealing on father's day
instead we opted for the air-conditioned bliss
of the new and improved megafantastic megaplexish
northpark mall
it felt peaceful to go there with no consumer urges tugging at my brain
i was serenely content in the knowledge
that there was nothing there at all for me to want
other than a peaceful stroll with the fam
G got to shout at some ducks
tryed to get in and mix it up with some mating turtles
slid down the tile hill
dropped trow right in front of burberry's
the look on the shop attendant's uptight face was priceless
we took our sweet time
and enjoyed all of G's antics
our boy was in rare form today
the hammering sculpture men left him catatonic
for at least 10 minutes
standing in the middle of oncoming mall traffic
staring up at the gigantic slowly moving arm
a couple of consumers even stopped to smile and watch him
on their way to the purchase of a lifetime
at the big spitting water he wanted to get in
but mom kept him at bay with a frozen lemonade
i started today in a bit of a funk
a hazy depression hung over me
watching "munich" 'til 3 in the morning didn't help
our little trip helped me
it was what i needed
ready now to make some music tonight
"the wicked are winning" is waiting
this morning's cranky old man is gone
i enjoyed being around G and J today
i was with them in the here and now and not off in thought somewhere
now off to see fayez
i talked to him on the phone 5 minutes ago and it was heartbreaking
his speech all slow and slurred from the stroke
he sounded old tired
and almost sweet


Blogger clay said...

i'll have 2 try the frozen lemonade thing

9:39 PM  
Blogger clay said...

i'll have 2 try the frozen lemonade thing

9:39 PM  

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