Saturday, October 06, 2007

french fried

Day 11

it was overcast again this morning
and also extremely COLD
we had 85 degree weather
that turned into 60 degree weather
that turned into 40 degree windy, rainy weather
not so great for walking around in
so today we took the metro
this was going to be the big “touristy” day
we HAD to go to the Eiffel tower
of course i had never been
and Gavin is all about big tall buildings
once there it was kind of a drag
stand in line for 30 minutes for tickets
cram into line for the elevator to level 2
freeze your ass off
stand in another line for 45 minutes etc.
by the time we finally got to the top i was too cold
and tired to care much
it kinda felt like the obligatory "gotta go to the top of the Eiffel tower"
now i've been there
done that
Gavin loved it
that's what counts
i began to worry a little about Jayme
she was freezing
and looked kind of pale and drawn
this is why our Eiffel tower photos were kind of lame
and done in 10 seconds
the wind gusts were killing us
i suggested that we take a boat ride along the Seine
so that she could rest awhile and warm up
about ¾ around the loop and got off for a walk through the Marais
i really liked this part of town
narrow winding streets lined with fu-fu boutiques
we ate in a popular falafel shop that we picked out of Jayme's tour book
it was really good
but it turns out they have a separate menu for tourists
we had two falafel sandwiches
a plate of fries, a coke, a lemonade and an orange juice
and it cost 30 euros or $45
on the regular menu it would have been 18 euros
there's the menu on the wall that shows the regular prices
but as soon as they figure out you’re foreign
they give you the “other” menu
when i questioned them politely about the bill
they were rude and spoke french
it was actually the first time we had encountered any rudeness or shittiness
we have had a great time communicating with them and dealing with them
after our “falafel incident” we trekked over to the Bastille
then headed home again
on the way we stopped at the Jardin des Plantes
and had a nice walk
Jayme was snapping a quick photo of G in the park
when Gavin suddenly announced
“i have to pee right now!!” and then peed in the middle of the sidewalk
(see photo for exact moment of flood)
so there we were
in the middle of the botanical gardens
with no wipes, diapers, napkins or towels
and a little boy who has just filled his own shoes with personal water
he was not thrilled when he found out he had to walk all the way home
soaked in it
we made it back and added his clothes to the rest of the sink-washed laundry
hanging on the balcony.
that night we went to a Tibetan restaurant Jayme remembered
from her last trip
it's called, Tashi Delek and we had a nice meal
she even had butter tea
which is definitely an acquired taste i had no desire to acquire
i gotta admit
(and for some this might be travel sacrilege)
i'm not that enamored of paris
maybe it's the feeling that at every corner
they just want your money
and nothing else?
maybe it's the whole "attitude" here?
maybe it's just been the so-so weather?
i'm having fun
a blast
so don't get me wrong
but the fun is mainly coming from being with J
and G
not from this place
it's too crowded
and did i mention
too crowded?
i'm really glad i finally got to see it
but this is definitely not the place
where i belong


Blogger Centuryhouse said...

Nice travelogue Salim...I've not been online much recently and missed some of it so I'm doing catch-up reading.

Poor Gavin with the "flood" incident. Emma did that once and cried so hard, poor kids. :-(

Beyond the snootiness of Paris I hope you're enjoying it all. I'm happy for you that you're able to tour Europe as a family.

Best wishes to all three (four?) of you.

Daniel W.

7:43 PM  

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