Monday, September 24, 2007

the great schwerte revival

Day 6

we felt a lot better after a great night of sleep
in our super mod Aachen hotel
the Mercure
we were determined to have a good day
and we did...
we had plenty of time to walk around Aachen
it’s a small town that not many people have heard of
a university town right on the border of Belgium
with a huge old Cathedral in the town center
and tons of charm
the whether was perfect
sunny and 70
we had a nice lunch at an outdoor café and then window shopped
through the cobblestoned streets
Gavin was thrilled when we found a small children’s carnival
in the center next to the cathedral
he rode on a tiny little train all by himself
and pretended to call his imaginary friend, Jake
on his imaginary cell phone
he also rode on a merry-go-round
and then on a huge ferris wheel with mommy
of course mister avoid danger i tried to convince them to ride in the enclosed car
they didn't
but i was ok
don't be afraid
don't be afraid
don't be afraid
it was a beautiful afternoon

we then drove to another even smaller town called Schwerte
a suburb of Dortmund
we stayed in a hotel that was old but cute
the venue was a state of the art place in a huge old industrial building
it was converted into a restaurant in front
conference rooms in the middle and a beautiful concert hall in the back
i don’t know what it used to be but it was cavernous with barrel-vaulted ceilings
we ate a gourmet dinner for free with the opening act
Nic Boray and her band
they were all really nice
especially Jorge
who loaned G a bag of soccer balls to kick around
then Gavin and Jayme watched my first set
it was a bit daunting at first
i was plopped in the middle of this giant room on a massive stage all by myself
in front of over 100 people sitting at little tables drinking
and not making a sound
following Nic in her band too (who were really good)
it went great though
the audience seemed to really like my set
we sold a bunch of cds later
and we found that the audience was full of musicians
including one very famous German musician
whose name we never quite caught
after the gig i had a nice hang out with Nic and band
plus Matthius
the hilarious publicist
we sat in the posh/cavernous restuarant and had
some more pasta
talking until about 1am
it was a good end to a great day
and really good show


Anonymous Kevin Minihan said...


I'm enjoying your daily accounts of the adventure. I'm laughing out loud everday reading the spinal tap moments. Keep up the good work and we'll see you when you get home. Can't wait to get back into the studio ASAP!

Kevin Minihan

9:28 AM  

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