Monday, February 11, 2008

where oh where

have i been?

sorry my poor blog
i've neglected you so
too many other things going on
what else can i say?

we finally wrapped the old 97s record
on the 30th
it comes out on may 13th
i don't know what it's going to be called
we had a blast making it
and i'm really happy with the end result
the old 97s rule
you will love "the fool"
and the rest of the gang
it's a cool record and one of the best i've ever helped make

i also finished the cut-off
"packaged up for beginners"
that should be out in late march/april
it's in the top 5 of any record
i've ever been involved with
so when it comes out
i heartily recommend you buy it

maybe the biggest reason i haven't been hanging 'round here
is i've been doing a lot of the other kind of writing
the kind that involves songs
for me it's a pretty time consuming
and all encompassing process
i'm trying to get ready to make solo record #4
i have to be ready by april
i'm working on it with one of my favorite songwriters
billy harvey
so i'm pretty motivated to make sure i have some
good tunes lined up
i don't want to go to billy with anything
that's so-so
so most of my late night down time
has been spent working on this latest batch of songs
right now the "A" list contains
"western hills"
"endless dream days"
"stranger in my own skin" (which i wrote last week)
"the blink of an eye"
"st. georges"
a few of these have been hanging around for about a year now
"georges" which was inspired by a blog
which you may or may not recall
and "endless dream days"
which i've played once or twice at acoustic shows
this time i'm going to try and make it quick
no year long debacle like "snowing"
we're going ot work on it in april and may
try to get it out by the fall
old school
knock it out
so to afford myself the luxury
of taking some time off to do this
i'm going to have to work extra hard between now
and then
that's ok though
i love my job
i promise to blog again as soon as i can
i'll just have to see when

one other thing
i'm breaking my 2 and 1/2 year barley house hiatus
to play jayme and ryann's birthday bonanza
that's happening next friday
the 22nd
it's going to be a dress as your favorite rockstar
so start planning your cher and bono costumes now

i guess that's all for now
see you at the party!
(if i recognize you)




Blogger bill h said...

Sorry to miss Barley House. I'll be backpacking in Big Bend. I bet you are right about Cut*off, what great guys and great music too.

1:13 PM  

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