Thursday, May 14, 2009

day 11 - Bacharach

I didn’t sleep well last night
I was all wound up from the NUN gig
plus the bed sheet underneath me sort of had a grainy
towelesque texture
it felt like a wheat thin
I just couldn’t get comfortable
around 8 I rolled out of bed
feeling like I never really went to sleep
i posted my latest tour note
and wrote emails then at 10 J and G woke up
we went downstairs to have breakfast with Mark and his wife
in their flat
they’d laid out a huge spread for us
a basket of bread
5 different jams
Mark made us tea
and Jayme went for what she thought was sugar
two minutes later
it was French salt
we all had a good laugh over that one
the German Cherry jam I had was outta this world
and we drank tea and talked
mainly about German/American societal differences
guns laws
German people who drive too fast
the time flew by
before we knew it 2 hours had passed
as if they were 15 minutes
at noon we packed up
we had a few nice moments with Mark and his sons Noah and Meyo (see video)
then we said goodbye and headed for Bacharach
I felt sad when we left
I want to come back here again to the NUN and Mark and his family
our GPS said we’d be at scenic Bacharach on the Rhein in 2 hours
I took my time today
drove slow
called Matthias, Basti, Dirk and Gunther
to let them know we were having a great time
and to also say goodbye
we’d be mailing the Tapete cell phone they lent us back to Hamburg
once we hit France on Saturday
so now was the time to use it one last time
about half an hour away from our destination
Jayme said “Wait a minute…we’re heading back to Giessen”
she checked the GPS route and sure enough
we were on a completely wrong route
she was upset with herself for the screw-up
but I told her we were in no hurry
it was no biggie
we only lost an hour afterall
as we back-tracked it to Frankfurt
and then on to Bacharach
about 15 minutes away from the town
the scenery got amazing
like nothing we’d ever witnessed in Germany before
the Rhein to our right
splitting lush mountains to either side
it was spectacular
“Act Naturally” with Ringo singing came on the I-Pod
it was a funny moment
“they’re gonna put me in the movies…”
Bacharach is everything and more than what we thought Hameln would be
oozing with charm
cobblestone streets
a large Castle looking down over the town
our Hotel is a Rick Steve’s recommend
with our room situated at the top of an old city tower
spectacular views to either side of it
and a train track that runs 20 feet to the west of us
(the room is heavily insulated)
around 5 we started exploring the town
Jayme bought a little pink antique porcelain box
that was so her
it looked like Marie Antoinette had once owned it
we picked an Italian restaurant and sat outside
enjoying the cool weather
and old German town ambience
we ordered fried fish for G
one of the only things he eats
they sent him chicken instead
almost the same thing, right?
I had spaghetti with Salmon in a garlic wine sauce
but more importantly J and G giddily ordered and consumed ridiculously large
ornate German desserts
they walked ‘em off by a 1 kilometer climb to the huge castle overlooking the town (see video)
I don’t have the words to describe how amazing the views were
it was incredible
after going to the top of this mountain
and back down
we headed to our Hotel
I was able to get in a short practice for my show Saturday in France
with Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby
we’re doing Amy’s “Men in Sandals”
Eric’s “the Girl with the Wandering Eye”
and a couple of mine
and 2 Nourallah Brothers tunes
I’ve been looking forward to this for months
and now
I can hardly believe it’s almost here
but I don’t want to skip over Rastatte in Aachen tomorrow night
my other favorite German venue
I can’t wait for Friday night
it’s gonna be alright


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