Tuesday, May 05, 2009

we sat in chairs
35,000 miles over the sea
With snacks
And movies
And Ipods
Unaware of the freezing wind and icy waters below
Stuck in a metal tube
Going hundreds of miles per hour
this feat
by all of us
we nodded off
slipped in and out
the tube sped forward
it was dark inside
then the lights came on
we headed downward
held hands
anticipated land
drank O.J.
chewed gum
the sound was loud
we grabbed our bags
navigated through unfamiliar corridors
Read signs
Go this way
Not that
Got on a bus
Rattled about
Got out
Followed more signs
Everything was new
And different
Heathrow and crowded
We caught another tube with wings
Passed out upon take off
In a blink we landed again
Our bags came easy
the Guild was unharmed
they gave us the keys to a black Mercedes
We loaded it full
the GPS told us where to go
we listened
and drove

This place is familiar now
Once strange
Now comforting
Lush green fields with bright yellow flowers
The sun peaking through early evening clouds
Cool air blowing in through the window
We felt safe and happy
“You have reached your destination”
the female with the English accent told us
our smiling friends open the front door
it feels nice to see them again
it's as if we'd just been here
the 2 boys resume playing
just like they’d only left off 2 days ago
not 18 months
we sit at their dinning table
in front of the big window that looks out to the lush
green backyard
I flashback to Gunther and the kids on the trampoline
I flashback to the pouring rain and the 1st time I saw the white stucco house
we have a glass of wine with some cheese and bread
the boys build their leggo cars
Dirk arrives
He’s leaving for London tomorrow so this will be the only chance
To se him
Jan Marten drubs Gavin in a game of tabletop soccer
Everytime he scores “Whosh!!!”
Then “Darnitt!!”
I tell Dirk and Gunther it’s 3 to 0 now
We’re winning the traveling soccer match
They have to come see us in Texas now to avoid a shutout
We say goodbye to Dirk
I feel sad to have only seen my friend for a couple of hours
Mr. Bread calls Mr. Breezy Hair on the phone
I flashback to their first detante
Basti and G over lunch and bread 4 years ago
The girls and boys retire one by one
I stay up talking with Gunther
I know this will be our only chance to hang out
At midnight we both know we’re too tired to continue
we say goodnight
Another nice moment over too fast
I go up the wooden stairs to the 3rd floor
Crawl into the warm bed where J and G are curled up
And sleeping peacefully
I’m out like a baby in less than a minute

At 4am I wake up
I lay in the dark thinking
And remembering
my little family laying next to me
on the soft wide mattress on the floor
I remember coming back here to them after the treacherous
All-night drive
2 years ago
Kissing them both on the cheek
So happy to be back at Casa Buskies with them
it was then as it is now
time seems frozen
We’ve been all over Europe
And home again
Did this and that
Running here
Running there
Making records
Made a baby
caught up in the endless scream of doing
day after day after day after day
but now
here again
in this bed
in this room
in Hamburg Germany
time feels frozen
I see all of your faces now
I picture where you are
Right now
Back home doing what you’re doing
I’m a world away from you all now
But you’re here with me
In my head
And in my heart
A feeling hits me
Like how it felt to be in my grandparent’s house
All those years ago
When I was a boy
I feel safe and loved
Like time has stopped
Like nothing in this world matters but this very moment
I am truly at peace

Then Jayme shoots straight up and says
“I think Gavin just wet the bed…”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great post. You really conjured/captured your environs...

Miss you guys.



2:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love this, beauty and humor - you are a master story teller. we miss you and love you and hope you have the time of your life! - ce

3:35 PM  
Blogger Ron said...

I'm just glad you all got there safe. Especially the Guild!

5:58 PM  
Blogger Sarah Jane said...

"Then Jayme shoots straight up and says
“I think Gavin just wet the bed…”"

bwahaha. I can't wait to get lunch with Jayme when you guys are back and get her version.

6:55 PM  
Blogger Ron said...

35,000 miles above the sea? I assume you mean feet. The space shuttle doesn't even fly that high. Or were you high on something else to account for the extra 34,993 miles?

7:08 AM  

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