Friday, February 20, 2009

on the up and up

i'm feeling really good today
jayme is finally beginning to feel better
which is a huge relief
she's been in bed for basically a month
it's been pretty horrible
i hope today is another good one for her

lena is working on the constellation cd layout today
it looks great
i've been waiting for her to be available for a few months now
it was worth the wait!!
it's still gonna be super tight getting the cd here in time
for the March 28th sons of hermann show
i'm not gonna sweat it if it doesn't happen though
i'll just make a date in April to celebrate
the euro tour dates are beginning to trickle in
plus great advance reviews
i know a lot of you have been patiently waiting since October for this record to come out
hang in there!
it's almost ready...

rhett's record is almost done
it's amazing
we just need to nail down the final sequence now
buttercup is lars tape bounced
and their record is phenomenal
it's hard not to feel so high after starting the year with these 2
spectacular records

we picked up the new MINI wednesday
and have been in driving nirvana
i'd actually never been excited about going somewhere
like i now am
i feel like james bond with the hands free
dialing and our IPOD on the car computer
now jayme and i have to draw straws to see who gets to go pick
gavin up from school

jayme's birthday is Monday
hopefully she'll be back to 100% by then
she's had such a rough month
lord knows she's earned it

i've almost finished the strummer bio
redemption song
it's excellent
and i highly recommend it to any clash fans out there
i did lose the vintage know your rights shirt on ebay
but you can't always get everything you want
now can you?


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