Friday, January 09, 2009

happy birthday (don't die)

i spent the week working on rhett's record
with dufilho and rip
we put in some long hours
laying the foundation
it's been a lot of fun
things are going really well so far
the time is flying by
like it does when you're on a roll
we have 7 tracks started right now
in order of appearance:
"refusing temptation"
"like love"
"nobody says i love you (anymore)"
"another girlfriend"
"i need to know where i stand"
highlights include:
dufilho's machine gun snare on "like love"
tracking "girlfriend" live billy harvey style
playing roberto some of the songs for the 1st time
sitting on the couch singing "haphazardly"
laughing about ice cream cakes and the butt bruise story
watching gavin play the tack piano
my goal is to help rhett make a great, classic record
he certainly has the songs
with a seemingly endless supply of brilliant material
which runs the gamut of emotions
thought provoking
always intelligent
always melodic
i've spent most of my life
wanting to be involved in records like this one
literate rock'n'roll with a heart
the excitement is like a surge of electricity rushing through
my body
we're going to spend the next 5 weeks
working on the music until we get it as good
as we think it can be
i'm already restless at night
going over and over all the ideas i have
for each song
this weekend we'll take a little break
i'm gonna play some songs with chris holt
up at opening bell mosaic tomorrow night
and try and spend as much time with j and G
as possible
we're gonna hang our new house numbers
go grocery shopping
watch some spongebob and be as domestic as possible

on monday morning we'll get back to it
billy harvey is coming to town
"happy birthday (don't die)"
and who knows what else
or what we'll achieve


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