Friday, November 28, 2008


on our way to jayme's parents house
gavin proclaimed
"this is the best thanksgiving EVER!!"
we hadn't really done anything yet
but i guess he already knew...

when we sat down for the feast the grandparents had laid out
G threw his hands up in the air and said
"what am i supposed to eat?"
there was a bunch of strange foods he'd never seen before
he passed on the corn casserole
no to the mashed potatoes
"that turkey's dead!"
enough said
come pie time though he was a happy camper
a little apple
some of momma's pumpkin
with whip cream on top
not the most nutritious or balanced meal for a kid
but what the hell
i somehow managed to not stuff myself
or fall asleep on the soft pleather couches
bound and determined to break those traditions
G and i hopped the backyard fence and went for a walk on the golf course
it looked like we could've been in maine (without the snow)
serene ponds with ducks
majestic trees with their orange and yellow fall leaves
G ran around with a pair of binoculars
shouting instructions to the wildlife
we went back and got bread and jayme
so we could feed the ducks
grandpa even broke away from the football
to join us
after that i had the misfortune of catching the jonas brothers
halftime show
i found the pumpkin pie wanting to make its way back up again
i escaped before their fist pumping tight pants finale that would've surely
induced a thanksgiving hurl!!!!!

we waved goodbye to the grandparents around 5:30
to head over to the semrad's house in oak cliff
from plano to the o.c.
now there's a schizophrenic metroplex jump for ya!
a massive spread of meatless delights was waiting for us upon our arrival
we even had adorable little place cards
and football on the tv!!
we ate
the kids played happily
then the adults played "the cube"
the kids played some more
the adults moved to the front porch to mingle
the kids dueled with lightsabers in the front yard
paul put on "london calling"
the kids ran around and into the gigantic fortress bush
i got to practice "snowing in my heart" on the aereosonic upright piano
i glanced up at the clock and it was already midnight
where did the time fly?
what a fun night we had
we didn't get home until 12:45
it was the latest G had ever stayed up
although he was still ridin' high from the day's festivities

it's 11am now
J and G are still sleeping
i guess they were worn out by

tonight we all head to Aubrey for my show at Joey's Supper Club
L and L are coming up from Austin
i have 3 more days of time off
this party has just begun!!


Blogger sarah jane said...

twas fun. glad you and your sweets could join us. :)

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful weekend; thank you for everything!! Love, Lisa

5:45 PM  

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