Sunday, October 05, 2008


i played threadgill's in austin tonight
vanessa and manuel played too
it was my favorite austin show
to date
a wonderful attentive audience
with great sound
and friendly employees
a nice atmosphere too
thick curtains lining the back of the stage
made it cozy
everybody listened
nobody talked
it was one of those unforgettable nights for me
there were also lots of familiar faces i hadn't seen
in awhile
carla and dean
angie and phil
ross cassandra juliette
clay and meredith
i enjoyed every second playing for my old friends
and even some new ones
seeing people i love sing along
and smile
made me feel loved
and happy
grateful too
manuel and vanessa played an awesome set
i felt proud to know them
and also to be their "producer"
they are 2 of my favorite people

i had no expectations coming in to this show
i'd hoped i'd make enough to pay for the mixing
on monday
but figured i probably wouldn't
i was wrong...
i think i made enough
we'll see...
worst case scenario: at least tonight's show will take care of most of
the bill
it's a really nice feeling when you get the
artistic satisfaction of playing a well recieved show
but then also the added bonus of making some $$$
to pay for making some more art!
tonight was the best of both world's for sure

tomorrow i have a nice day off planned
maybe brunch with L and L
and manuel and vanessa?
(breakfast tacos anyone?)
i'd like to see billy and bob and luc later too
i miss J and G a lot even though
i've only been gone a day
i was very emotional when i left them today
it made me feel sad for people i know
who have to leave their loved ones
for long periods of time
ahh the life of a touring musician...
i would hate doing that
it would kill me
i feel very lucky and appreciative
that i've been able to provide for my family
and not have to leave them like that
i also refuse to accept that touring can't involve
J and G too and = fun times for the whole family

whoever's out there tuning in to this




Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a magical night. Thank you for everything!

And of course now it must only be called "THREADGILL" in honor of Fayez...


10:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we had our breakfast tacos at mother's b4 heading back to dallas! yum. thanks again for the music my friend. love, ce

1:33 PM  
Blogger paula said...

It was a memorable night for me too. It was an emotional one. My first show alone. But it was well worth it. I cried. I smiled. I am so glad I went. Lisa and Lee (please say I spelled their names right.)were so kind and generous!
Hope the family is doing well.


7:14 PM  

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