Friday, September 05, 2008

the ft. worth exploson!!!!

wednesday night at dada was amazing
i will remember it the rest of my life
i saw so many close friends i hadn't seen in ages
it was the most positive show i'd been at
since september 3, 2007
we sang carter's songs
and our own
and honored his memory
it was triumphant
not sad
and even though there were still moments
when we all had to fight back the tears
it was more of a celebration
than a wake
just like carter would've wanted it

you helped us raise $1000 for anju
and now 2 anju gill presents shows are booked on
octber 2nd (with 3 brilliant young songwriters)
and november 15th (which will be a 8 to 10 band indoor/outdoor stage
fall extravaganza!)

tonight the noise plays ft. worth
with our friends the cut-off
and the fate lions
we're playing lola's
which i've heard is cool
and it makes me think of the kinks
which isn't half bad
i haven't played ft. worth in 2 years
so i'm really looking forward to it
i wish i felt better
i only slept a couple of hours last night
oh well
i'm hell bent on having a blast regardless
tomorrow the lifters come to pleasantry lane
the fort worth explosion is upon us!
they're another great young ft. worth band
wednesday at dada we repeat the soon to be legendary
fate lions/cut-off bill
for those of you dallasites that can't make the drive tonight
i will not have the noise in tow
just my acoustic guitar and john lefler

so many thoughts doing a number in my head today
tapping dancing right across my psyche
they stopped me from taking a much needed nap
thoughts of
anju shows
what chords to play tonight
and pancho's trip to monaco
gotta get ready for my gig now
what on earth am i going to wear?




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