Monday, August 11, 2008

another day is here

just like all of the rest
nothing special at all
the sun comes up
we wake up
eat our breakfast
go to work
come home
make dinner
watch some tv
read a few chapters in a book
go to sleep
it comes and goes like so many others
no big deal

but somewhere else
for someone else
monday august 11 is not just another day

august 11 is the birthday of jesse wenick
my friend ron's son
jesse is gone now
and for those that loved him
today is a day of deep despair

i can't even begin to comprehend the agony
that a parent who has lost a child goes through
it is a nightmare with no rival
i have only caught a glimpse of it
and it scared me like nothing i have ever imagined
i wish i could erase all of your pain ron
or fall on it like a hand grenade
take it away from you so that you'd never have to feel it again
i wish i could...
but in your pain the love for your son lives on
a love greater than most will ever feel
remember him today as he was
and as you loved him
this life is a mystery my friend
we have no idea where we're going to
and i pray that in your journey
you will see your son again
you will be reunited with him
a father and son together again
like they should be

without hope there is only the darkness
please hang on

with love -



Blogger Ron said...

Salim, I don't know what to say. Thank you seems so insufficient. If I needed a good cry, your beautiful words gave it to me, just like you did yesterday when I re-listened to Beautiful Noise, which I'll re-listen to again on the way to the cemetery this morning. I'm also taking Snowing if needed. I'm listening to Polaroid right now. You're a true friend, and I love you. When I visited Jesse on March 6th, the anniversary of his death, I didn't even know you, and now it feels like I've known you all my life. I'll tell him all about you and your wonderful wife and son, and I'll cry, and I'll try to remember the good times Jesse and I had together, father and son, as he was and as I loved him, and as I love him still, and will forever.
Your friend forever,

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your words are so beautiful. A beautiful tribute to someone who , no doubt, was incredibly beautiful. My heart goes out to Ron and his family.
Thank you for this opportunity to send love to Ron today, Salim. Friendship really does help someone get through this world of pain.



9:10 AM  

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