Saturday, July 19, 2008

the analyzer

i never thought i'd say this
it sure feels good to be back in dallas
actually it feels good to be HOME
the dallas part is neither here nor there

i'm playing a dive bar called stout on lower greenville tonight
with the noise
it's part of the dallas observer awards "showcase"
i'm looking forward to seeing the guys
and making some racket
it's been 2 months since our last gig
and tonight i feel like it's been
almost been forever
the new record has been buzzing 'round my head non-stop
these past couple of months
so it felt a little weird running through
a few of my "oldies" earlier today
i was trying to re-fresh my memory on how a few of them went
now that i haven't played them in a while
i wish we were playing something new tonight
i guess it's time for me to start thinking about that
and what i want to do as far as performing the next record
always plans to make
always another step to take
G wanted to hear polaroid tonight on the way to grandma's
it had been a long time since i'd last listened to that one
he intently took it all in
sternly sucking his thumb and concentrating on the sounds
i'd glance in the rear view mirror
and it almost looked like he was studying
with his little furrowed brow
after "everybody wants to be loved" he asked me
"dada - is that one about me?"
i told him "yes,
i wrote that for you when you were still in moma's belly..."
"why?" he said
"well, i wrote this whole cd while we were waiting for you gava
because knowing that you were coming made me think about and feel alot of things
i'd never felt before"
by the time we got to "we did some things"
we were in plano
listening to polaroid i couldn't help compare it
to the new one
is it really any better?
how would i ever be the one to know?
time has such a weird way of warping our senses
it's only been 4 years since that record came out
such a big step for me
my first solo record in 36 years
i meticulously thought through each mix
slaved away at it
for months
before i finally signed off on it
it was so hard to let go
and send it out into the world
i wanted it to be perfect
today i wonder...does anyone even still listen to that thing?
my dad's never even heard it i bet
joining most of the rest of the world
in a rousing sigh of "who cares..."
all that work
for what?
why do i make these things?
what keeps pushing me onward?
i guess i've always just pushed forward
i do it because it's in my blood
it's all i know to do
whether anyone else notices or cares
i keep going
my son's interest made me feel good
it made me feel glad i've done this with my life
that i've spent my life making these little records
instead of something else
it doesn't matter after all how many people hear them
it's how he feels about when he grows up
it's how my wife feels about it
it's how i feel about it
and it's also you that matters to me as well
if you like 'em
then i'm flattered
and honored

thank you for tuning in




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Four years later, and _Polaroid_ still makes it into my regular rotation. Don't worry whether anyone's listening. Good songs never get old.

6:59 AM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Funny I was listening to "Everybody..." just the other day, and it brought out all these emotions and thoughts, and then by the time I had a chance to sit down and try to record them, they were gone.

7:25 AM  
Blogger Ron said...

I care. And I listened to Polaroid a few weeks ago (I guess that makes me one up on your dad). And I'll probably listen to it again in a few weeks. You make music for one reason: You have to. And so I can listen to it, so I guess that's two reasons. My dad never read any of my books, and the only time he heard any of my music was when I sat him down and made him. Sometimes you have to be stern in raising your parents or they'll never learn. Tough love.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have fun being home---

Hope your gig was a good one.



9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I listen to "Poloroid" just the other day. Still remember the first time we heard "We Did Some Things" smiling and dancing a little bit.

Keep giving us your music, because it does matter.



5:36 PM  
Blogger Ron said...

Who cares if the new album is "better" than the other 3? And who's to make that determination? Some "critic"? All the albums are different, done at different stages in your life, about different things, from a different perspective. Each is a unique and singular experience. It's going to be Salim at this stage in his life, sharing his thoughts, feelings, emotions with the rest of us through beautiful, heartfelt, enchanting music that comes from the depths of your soul. How could any of us ask for more?



12:11 PM  

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