Friday, July 11, 2008

let's go back to 1974, oh yeah

more work today on "it's not enough"
i guess this song is shaping up to be the epic of the bunch
a long bridge/dream sequence has made it a handful
after 4 hours
listening to it over and over again
i was even beginning to get sick of it
the repetition involved in recording can sometimes be mind numbing
to say the least
i tried to re-sing the lead vocal
make it better
but it didn't work
what we had was better than i'd thought
so then billy messed around with trying to find the right effects
for the old vocal
he eventually got it to work
then he pulled out a cherry red 1969 fender jazzmaster
and plugged it in to his sixties fender deluxe
and let some electric guitar rip
most of it was cool
i'm not sure how much we'll use though
i was beginning to be over run by the overwhelming sensation
that this song still needed a lot more work
not so much in the tracking department
but it needs a long trip to mixville
for sure
i suggested "western hills" next
something easy breezy
it's the last song i wanted billy to add backing vocals too
it took him about 15 minutes
and they were all magnificent
sending the song up another rung on the ladder
then we tried carter's 12-string electric
on the chorus'
but it sadly didn't sound right
so billy plugged his nashville tuned acoustic
into the deluxe
and it was instant BAM!!!!
just what the doctor ordered
5 minutes later
we had one of the most useful guitar parts we'd put down
it tied the song together like a sweet silver christmas bow
time for dinner
a little greek joint on burnett
(hi bucks!)
then we came back a tried carter's guitar again
on "don't mind me"
this time it worked
with some speedy tremelo action
and a nice dollop of reverb
tomorrow we're going to start the day fresh
by trying to finish this one off
when i got back to L and L's house
we started talking about the shibboleth 70's covers
record that i'd started with them 2 years ago
mr. cento and i have recently agreed that
we must
in all good conscience
finish the record this year
so i've been wracking my brain trying to find the right tunes
to round out the record
don and i have been shooting ideas back and forth lately
so we fired up the i-tunes and stayed up until midnight
listening to everything from "ku fu fighting" to
"love is thicker than water" laughing at the silliness
and reminiscing to the little river band
man they sure knew how to write the BIG CHORUS in the seventies
sometimes i think they ruined it for everyone else
by hogging up all the best melodies
damn you hall n' oates!!!!
our latenight seventies party brought back so many memories
of my childhood
and even though i never owned any of the records we listened to
they were all ingrained in my psyche
i knew almost every word and every lick
feel free to send in your votes for the final 4
salim vs. shibboleth tunes
letting the voting commence!!!


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