Wednesday, June 18, 2008

just another manic tuesday

it was a busy day yesterday
rip and i went up to crystal clear sound
and to master ciphers from snowing
for those of you who aren't quite sure what mastering means
here it is in a nutshell
layman's terms...
you go in with all your mixes on a data disc
they extract them off of the disc
then they run them through compressors
and equalizers
to maximize the volume of each song
after everyone agrees the mixes sound ok
(the more you turn the volume up the more "distressed" they can sound)
then you line all the tunes up in the order they will appear
on the cd
you make sure all the space between the songs is right
plus do all of your start and end fades
you have a "mastered" cd
that should now sound loud
and professional

after mastering i spent an hour with J and G
they were dressed in their soccers uniforms when i got home
curled up on the couch watching the euro games on TV
it was really cute
they were both all smiles
and really happy
that made me happy

at 7 winslow came over to sing her last few vocals
for the record we've been working on for 18 months
we're going to wrap it up next week
i'm beginning to get really excited about it
a slice of duffy/winehouse retro pop coming your way soon
i co-wrote most of the album
though there's also a nifty cover of "they don't know"
made famous by tracey ullman
we had a lively session the went past midnight
with rip and lefler jamming on "shampoo"
it was a great day
i couldn't feel any better


Blogger Ron said...

Compressors and limiters are actually the same thing. It just depends on the ratio you use whether it's being used as a compressor or limiter. The lower the ratio, the higher the compression. With a higher ratio, it's considered to be more of a limiter. Just a little technocrap for your edification.

3:39 PM  

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