Wednesday, June 04, 2008


"erased" was written the day after my birthday
on may 4, 2005
i wonder who could've possibly been on my mind?

i had a different set of lyrics for the tune
tentatively called "the comeback"
at the time i was still daydreaming
of a nourallah brothers reunion
i imagined this tune as one of the ones
we'd use in our comeback
after the floor fell out from under the feet
of that idea
i took this tune
which i'd always liked
and stuck it to some new words
it doesn't take a genius to guess what they're about
although i wanted to leave them hazy enough
for others to relate to
we've all known people during our lives
that get stuck somewhere bad
whether by the blanket of depression
or something else
we wave goodbye to the reflection of that beautiful child
they used to be

"you used to be so reckless and brave
weren’t you?
now you only cower and say they broke you…”

friendships end
people drift apart
things happen...
it's all a part of life
it's ok
and even after we're finally ok with it
we still have those twinges of regret
and sadness
missing our former friend
loved one or ally
deep in the night
they come to mind
they appear in the middle of a sad dream
or in the middle of a sunny afternoon

"i’m wishing this could all be erased
hoping for your sadness replaced"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a beautiful, poetic post amazing Salim

love, ce

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These words make me sad. There's a whole in your heart. I hope someday it can be filled. I hope. I have holes in my heart too, but none so large. At least not for the living.

6:46 PM  

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