Sunday, June 01, 2008

this soft existence

this very blog yielded
the idea behind this song
do you remember it?

july 15, 2006

days running together
where did the last one end
when did a new one begin
sprinkler whirs and clicks
stare off in the distance
past the slippery lawn
past the tall still trees
straight into the blue
is anyone out there
who's running this show
back to the sprinkler
that's better right
much better
disappear in the repetitive motion
absorb the monotonous sound
it's safe here
in this soft existence
no one can hurt us
another morning already
maybe we should buy those silvery lights for the backyard
yeah i think that would be nice

in october i wrote the song

"it feels so safe here
the sprinkler whirs
no one can hurt us
i sit and watch the birds"

this was one of my snowing experiments
i started recording with no actual song
just this title
and a mood in mind
just an "idea" really
it turned out to be one of my favorites
casual and elegant
a world unfolded from the get-go
i found a drum loop i really liked
then played a little part with the mellotron flutes
(see the intro of strawberry fields if you want to know what sound that is)
i put down a bass line next
and then the vocal melody hit me
"this soft existence...falling all around"
i wrote the words to the verses while i recorded the vocals
this is actually the way brother F usually writes
kind of unconventional
but in this instance
it worked for me

it's another lazy sunday morning
i look out into my peaceful backyard
lush and green
squirrels playing
birds chirping
trees gently swaying
G money singing happily in his bedroom
this soft existence is fully in play here
the chaos violence and destruction going on somewhere else
seems almost impossible for me to comprehend
as i sit here feeling warm
and loved
in my little corner of the world


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You seem to be doing better. I'm glad.

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Bluma said...

Well written article.

5:30 PM  

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