Monday, May 19, 2008

endless dream days 2

lisa and lee
took me out to the madras pavillion today
you guessed it
i may come back to dallas a sikh
or better yet

billy and i re-visited the first song we started in april
"endless dream days"
i had made a not that it needed some acoustic guitar
to build up the chorus'
billy played it
as always
it was great
then he sang some harmony vocals on the AM61
that took the soaring chorus' to new heights
the song was already greatly improved
we talked about maybe trying to find someone to play acoustic bass
on it
something i'd never thought i'd hear my self saying
for one of my own records
but it seems perfect for the wide open piano
vocal and floor tom verses that are right now making me feel the mood
of low clouds at dusk
i asked billy to let me take another stab at re-singing
the lead vocal
this time on the korby c-12 mic
we tried it but it sounded great on the mellow verses
but terrible on the really loud chorus'
back to the shure SM7 we went
something about this mic was bugging me
that i couldn't put my finger on
kind of a muffled or a dark high end
we both agreed it was more sensible just to punch in the bits i didn't like
in the end i was happy with it but the vocal to this song
is so important
i'm still not sure
i'll have to live with it some more
around 6 we went out for dinner
phil's on burnett again
i had the 78204 jalapeno veggie burger
it was as good as the first time!
when we got back we brought up "don't mind me"
billy re-sang one harmony vocal he didn't like
i re-cut my acoustic and then both of us scratched our heads
"is it really any better?'
next up was the magnus air organ
to tack some nice chords on at the end of the song
it sounds kinda like an accordian meets a harmonium
it added a nice touch
billy was going back to craig's house ot work on his record
at 9
so i'm home a bit early
time to blog blog blog my friends

i hope all of you are well
i miss you all




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