Thursday, May 15, 2008

be here now

i woke up with this sentence stuck in my cranium

"i wanna give in to the moment of my choosing"

i know
it may not sound like much
but this has been my struggle
in real life
and also with this song
it was the line i needed to finish "be here now"
it was so simple
but so elusive
the key to finishing the chorus
the whole point
i'd been wrestling with this lyrical bear
for months
it felt good to get another message from lalaland
thank you lala nourallah

lisa and i had a great peaceful morning
it was fun to hang out and dork out on music
we talked and listened to the re-mixed "walls and bridges"
by winston o'boogie
her and lee had given me a copy for my birthday
great songs and amazing vocals
partially ruined by the ridiculous horn section
and hot licks session man guitar playing
it made me realize that when i was 13
i'd felt the very same thing about this record
it could've been fantastic
it should've been so much more
the songs were all there
great tunes
great lyrics
lennon's voice in top form
i thought then (and now)
"where on earth was the producer?
why didn't he stop the trample of the horns and cheesy guitar playing?"
(oopppss - my hero lennon was the producer)
sorry john
you done screwed up
shoulda hired phil to oversee "walls and bridges"
i guess i had the little producer bug in me even way back then
i've always been one opinionated mother ucker when it comes to music
but geez
i challenge you to listen to "nobody loves you when you're down and out"
and not be annoyed by the silly horn section
blathering away
as lennon sings one of his most agonizing
and real laments
he should have fired himself as the producer on day one!

when i got to billy's house
i re-cut the vocal on b.h.n. with the final lyrics
then we worked on some electric guitar
he played his hofner galaxy through this badass boss re-20 delay
the sound was gigantic
when he gets on the guitar
the fun especially begins
that's his #1 instrument and it shows
he's brilliant
after that we put down some electric piano
a part i know rip (r.r. to you diehards) will dig
very supertramp!
i thought of him the whole time
more indian food followed
(i know i know, typical)
at the star of india buffet this time
(i only made one trip friends...)
and a good lefler style hang at momo's after that
for kacey crowley's cd release show
her and her band sounded amazing

billy and i have 10 tunes started now
"endless dream days"
"stranger in my own skin"
"don't mind me"
"the wrong road"
"love is all around"
"blink of an eye"
"the man who learned to love"
"it's not enough"
"western hills"
"be here now"

i think we're gonna tackle 2 more
maybe "pictures collected" tomorrow
and then if bob s. comes over next week
"saint georges" (for grace!)

i'm itching to fire up the optigan though
we gotta do it soon
billy promised me...
for those of you who don't know what an optigan is
it was an early electronic keyboard
that looks like your grannies' church organ
that was made by mattel in the 1970's
which relies on pre-recorded optical discs that look like vinyl records
to reproduce crude old sounding instrumental backing tracks
(old school loops)
with disc titles like "banjo sing-along"
"gay waltz's"
and "latin fever"
how can you go wrong my friends?
and the optigan is also infamous in music circles
for it's frequent mechanical failures and grotty appearance
of course
i'm all over it like a cheap suit folks!!!


Blogger Ron said...

Gotta get a copy of Walls and Bridges. Amazing I don't have one already. Incredibly inconsistent, but flashes of brilliance. What do you expect? 1974. He was drunk that year. Whatever gets you through the night on a lost weekend. Never been a horn fan myself, though I used to French one in jr high.
"I wanna give in to the moment of my choosing," says it all to me -- about Walls and Bridges and my own life. That's what Lennon did, whether we like it or not. Now I feel like some beef jerky, ya ya.

5:43 AM  

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