Sunday, April 27, 2008

hasselhoff free zone

i'm playing 4 gigs in one week
in a city renowned for it's lack of support
for local musicians
so, yeah
it's probably a bit too much
i think i've overdone it
maybe it's time for me to lay low for a bit?

we had fun at opening bell anyway
i played 4 new ones
"stranger in my own skin"
"don't mind me"
"saint georges"
"blink of an eye"
grace helped me decide to push "saint georges"
on billy full throttle
(thank you G!)
carla and dean and debbie and camille
sang along
next time i'll play "i miss you" better
i was glad to finally dust it off for you

i'm up way too early this sunday morning
with a water faucet for a nose
my allergies are going crazy
i guess the rain last night did something to mess me up
everything in my backyard looking so green
and lush right now
i hope those clouds roll on out so we can enjoy the day
not sure what i'm gonna do if they don't
jayme's going to paint
G and me going to hang
maybe we'll go see my parent's?
i do feel very lucid right now
so at least i think i can live in the moment today
footloose and hasselhoff free!


Blogger Ron said...

When do I get to hear those new songs? I'm drooling (not a pretty sight).

11:13 AM  
Blogger j-cub said...

i wonder what it's like for you bouncing back and forth between opening bell and the grenada. i am amazed; think you could grace any stage. your blog is a delight to peruse too, friend.

12:13 PM  

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