Sunday, April 20, 2008

blame it on austin

if you're reading this
you support dallas musicians
i love you for it
thank you
my friends appreciate you too
we played the mokah summit today
so many good people
working hard
spending their time
doing it outta love
not for money
they made a nice evening for us
which we all appreciated
my son had a blast dancing to our noise
and hamming it up for kate m. and her camera
i always feel lucky to play for even 1 person
that enjoys my music
of course i wish that even 0ne percent of the rest of DFW
had supported this great event
but oh well
i'm used to it after all of these years playing music here
life with art in a commerce town
don't come easy
i wish i could bless
jayson bales
cindy chaffin
amanda newman
mike biggs
ryann rathbone
ken albrecht
sarah jane semrad
and everyone else trying to help put on events like this one
they are all kind and generous individuals
with only the best intentions

i gotta admit
my head is still a bit cloudy
i haven't really fully come down from my 8 days in austin
since i've gotten back
my new songs have been in spin cycle
in my head
i'm already anxious to get back to work on my record
i guess i'd better snap out of it pronto
'cause it's gonna be a busy week around here
we're starting a new record at pleasantry lane
monday morning with becky m.
lot's of long sessions planned
thursday night the first annual Quick awards
i'm singing a country song with the kingbucks
you'd have thought that at least one of us
would have gotten "no country for old men"
i guess not...
saturday i'm playing opening bell
with camille and fishing for comets
i collapse in a heap


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