Monday, March 31, 2008

cober-lake vs. the anti-timberlake

a beautiful sunny sunday
i feel like i'm back on track
in my head
everything is much better
i spent lot's of time recording this weekend
the fate lions were my victims
it's was really fun
the time flew by
they've made me think again of
diesel park west
and the magic numbers
also the soft boys
shimmering guitars
and melodies that stick in your head for days
rickenbackers and paisley shirts
this is the kind of music i love
i want to work on records like this one
this area has so many great bands
the rest of the world is clueless to

another one of our great DFW bands
is out there trying to make a name for themselves
in the big bad world
the cut-off wrote me
10 miles outside of alton illinois
where i was born
they're on tour right now
i hope they're having fun
and reaching some people
that would otherwise be oblivious
when their cd comes out next month
i heartily recommend you
the discerning music listener
with impeccable taste (you're here right?)
go hunt down a copy of "packaged up for beginners"
it's amazing

G had his first recording session a few days ago
we put him in his plaid rock'n'roll suit
and his black and white "baby dada" converse high tops
then i set up the telefunken mic
and he sat on ken's chair and went through
a medley of his greatest hits
strumming his out of tune guitar
and singing
"i love you momma"
"banana pup"
"old man!!! DENTIST!!!"
and brand new one "the life we made"

"snowing in my heart" finally goes for radio adds tuesday
so, yeah
you can start harassing your local NPR station to play it
we're also expecting a feature tomorrow at
i think it might end up being the most widely read article
that's ever been written about my music
and it was done by a really good writer named justin cober-lake
you got it
justin cober-lake on the anti-justin timberlake
kinda weird
and funny...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hay hay!

I tried calling you the other day, but couldn't get a hold of you. I just wanted to say thanks for lunch the other day.. and thanks for recommending Josh for drums. He fit in perfectly.

Thanks man,

Jahnee Mo Mahlens

6:49 PM  

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