Saturday, March 01, 2008

i couldn't feel any better
than i do at this exact moment
the last couple of days have been great
beautiful sunny weather
plenty of free time
i've had a clear mind
not cluttered by all the usual adult rubbish
i've been working on "be here now"
living in the moment
and it seems to be working for me
more frequently now
these past few days i've enjoyed many moments
with G and J

today G and i had our "manlunch '08"
with lefler and m.p.
we ate outside at matt's
most of lakewood had the same idea
as it was such a nice day
but we had a great time anyway
then we went to G's soccer game
my mom came along
which was a nice surprise
the boys ran around the field
chasing the ball like semi-confused greyhounds
after a rabbit
the sun kept ducking behind the clouds
a gentle breeze blew
it couldn't have been more ideal
i feel lucky to have the life i have
i work on music everyday
with my friends
who i love too
i'm grateful
and thankful
i wouldn't change a thing
i have a beautiful family
i get to see them more than most
which reminds me of how heartbreaking
the releationship was in "michael clayton"
between father and son
i don't ever wanna live like that
time to get back to playing with G




Blogger bill h said...

I have a pretty good feeling you'll never live like that Salim. It's obvious to even a casual observer what a good dad you are. (that shows up in your mentoring and support to younger guys like Fred too.)

12:48 PM  

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