Monday, February 25, 2008


i can't seem to shake this bug
even though i'm back to
"business as usual"
i don't feel quite right
i feel really sluggish
and worn out
yesterday crushing depression set in
i could barely move
it was terrible
today i'm really gonna try and shake these
i want to spend some quality time with my son
and not be distracted by the constant
noise and chatter of the adult world

jayme's birthday was good
the rockstar party at barley friday night
loud and silly
i was michael mcdonald
jayme was gwen stefani
which was fitting
because the night i met her for the first time
she was attending a costume party as G.S.
we didn't get started with the noise
until 1am
i apologize to all who waited around
but the mellotron was acting up again
i hear the highlight of the evening
was happy birthday sung
with a bad michael mcdonald impersonation

saturday we spent a mellow day with L and L
i went with G to snag the massive barbie birthday cake
that came in a gaudy barbie "house" box
maybe i'll post a picture of it
it's got to be seen to be believed
it made Jayme happy
which was the point
in the evening we went and had dinner
at an Ethiopian restaurant J picked out
her parents joined us
and were good sports about the strange
choice in cuisine
at one point the owner came over to our table
and unveiled a secret "culture" room
for us to watch music videos from his country in
it was charming and hilarious
watching the videos made me flash back to F's plan
to move to Syria and be a pop star there
i hadn't thought about that one in ages

i'm playing a low key show
with the noise next week at club dada
it goes down wednesday night with my friends from ohio
the black swans
i'm also playing an austin show with them
on tuesday the 4th
i'm also looking forward to seeing billy harvey at bend
on saturday night
he's wrapping up his veggie oil tour across america
(he drove a car that runs on vegetable oil coast to coast)
you should check out his video blog
if you have a chance
it's pretty fascinating
and funny


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