Thursday, February 14, 2008

all you need is...

valentine's day
a good enough reason to celebrate
my favorite thing
let's just call it love's birthday

G and i woke up earlier than usual
we crept outta the house
and went to get J some flowers
we settled on pink tulips
then we went to krispy kreme
and got some donuts
gavin was pretty excited
we'd never done this before
next stop
was starbucks
i felt like a martian in there
trying to remember her drink
was it a mocha or a latte or a grande
or a vente?
all japanese to me
i don't drink the stuff
anyway the nice employees just smiled and waited patiently
for me to mumble fumble my order
good news is
i got it right!!
at least this old memory of mine is still good for something
we had a donuts in bed celebration
opened our cards and gifts
then we lounged around
about noon we decided we'd go have a picnic
it was almost 70 outside
breezy but nice
we picked up some cheese
crackers fruit and other fun stuff
then we went to "max's park" and put down our spread
in the middle of a nice sunny spot
i felt like i'd stepped out of a monet painting

cut to midnight
the start of my 5 day tear
in bed with the fever
it was like the plague around here
all 3 of us
wiped out

tomorrow is jayme's birthday


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