Saturday, March 22, 2008


we had a beautiful time tonight
sons of hermann hall
"all my friends were there"
well except for
who was in
of all places
and "you go girl!!" is all i have to say grace
there were a few others M.I.A.
roberto, oh, roberto?
but it was GOOD friday afterall
i KNOW some of you must've been in church
or maybe just at home listening to the church
heyday in paisley?
starfish by candlelight?
blurred crusade with glasses on?
regardless, i hope you still love me
i still love you
and i mean this sincerely
the crowd was great
camille led "don't be afraid" again
and it still meant as much to me as the very first time
you all sang along
thank you - it made my night
we opened with "snowing in my heart"
which the band had never played live
and i think it was my favorite part of the set
i'm glad we took a chance and did it

there are no more shows with the noise
on the books
i'm going to take a bit of a break
to work on record #4
this week
i started work on acoustic demos to send billy
so he can ascertain whether or not the songs are any good
i've never gotten to do this before
since i'm always the "producer"
it's challenging
but fun
i like the motivation
to step it up
i've got 6 in the bag
9 more to go
maybe finish sunday night?
if i can find the time
i've got 2 days off coming up
which i'm planning to enjoy every last minute of
"be here now"
this weekend's mantra
i'm gonna try and do it
no worrying about this bill or that
or did i email so and so back
or buy that whatcha-ma-call-it on ebay
or forget to mow the lawn guy
or call the phone company about that extra 1 million dollars
they billed us!!
or the endless horde of nasty
"mendult" (G's word) concerns that plague us
well, mendults
on a daily basis
the ongoing mendult struggle
like this one...
a mendult friend of mine told me tonight
a sweet dear man
one of the most positive people i've ever known
that his family was split up
his wife with another fella
and his son in another city
it broke my heart to bits
they were one the sweetest families
i've ever met
i wanted to tell him "it'll be ok"
i wanted to give him some sort of encouragement
to make it through
that he would be happy again
but i couldn't find the words
i just feel sick for him
and i'm gonna count my blessing again
each and every one of them
starting with 2 right here with me
in this here house
J and G
and then i'm gonna go down the line
until i hit YOU

enjoy your weekend all you mendults




Anonymous Anonymous said...

wish we could've
been there, but tiredness
gotta hold of me and would
not let go.

see you next time my friend.
hope i am still on that list?


8:31 AM  
Blogger bill h said...

Don't be Afraid at the Granada was a truly transcendent moment of music. Wonderful evening all around. Sorry to miss this show. We'll make the next one, and plat to hit Jayme's opening in the Nancy George and Bess show. That's one fun and talented group of women.

12:33 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Sorry I wasn't there, a very sick child and a huge backlog of work destroyed my best laid plans. Play again soon please!

5:26 PM  

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