Tuesday, March 25, 2008

pretty vacant

it's 1am
i'm tired
but don't really feel like turning in
i'm feeling restless
anxious about something
sometimes i just feel like
i'm waiting
for something to happen
even though things are perfect
exactly the way i want them to be
the tranquility gives way to the doldrums
today jayme and i both had it
we were lacklustre
it was a beautiful day
perfect weather
no work
but i couldn't get in it
no matter how hard i tried
i was never really here
i "did" stuff
ran around
got things done
went on a nice walk with G
re-strung my guitar
got some rocks to fill in the drive
ran to the bank
the post office
etc. etc.
it was all very nice
and fine
but i felt vacant

i hope tomorrow that feeling is gone


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