Friday, April 18, 2008

a new blueprint

my friend marc
whom i've known 16 years
picked me up from billy's
and we went had dinner at Hyde park
another fantastic austin restaurant
this city has gotta be one of the best places
in america
to eat out
him and his twin brother
came to see me and F play
in '92
after they made the connection that
my birthday the moon festival
by steve kilbey
was what possibly inspired the name of our little band
back then
we had the long hair
and the fog
we were misguided
and misunderstood
in texas long hair and black clothes
means goth or hard rock
i wasn't into either
but i really didn't know who i was yet
i guess i was still a stranger in my own skin
it feels good to have a friend over the span of all these years
he knew me back in the dark days
and still stuck with me
just like ken b. and a few others
(thanks guys!)
after dinner we headed to a bar called LaLa's
where it's christmas all year round
surreal '50s decor
christmas lights
christmas tree
elves on wires
santa flyin' at you when you open the bathroom door
the whole sha-bang
dion's ridiculous "walk like a man" on the jukebox
other oldies like the great pretender
and "my boyfriend's back"
a totally bizarre but fun bar

my session with billy today was short and sweet
we started a song called "not enough"
that's only a few weeks old
everything seems effortless now
our voices sound great together
we've got our method rolling and down
i feel like a new blueprint has been started
just like i felt when F and i did nourallah brothers
and then again how i felt 6 years later with "polaroid"
and the start of my "solo" records
"snowing" was the end of something for me
it's true
and now this is the beautiful start of my next phase
i'm positive billy and i are on to something really special here
something that carries forward my musical past
but also is taking me somewhere completely new and different
i've spent 320 days a year recording music
for the past 5 years
so i'm trusting my instincts are right
i've been so revved up when i get home at night
than i can barely sleep
i was up 'til 3 last night just thinking about things
i feel like a child-like energy flowing through me
writing with the zeal of a kid
but with the knowledge now of how to succeed where i once failed
and it feels really really good
like all the dues have finally paid off

our tentative first baby steps of day 1
wasn't even a week ago
now it seems like a distant memory


Blogger Ron said...

I envy you. I remember those days, those feelings, now so long ago. The all night sessions that seemed like 30 minutes, knowing we were creating something wonderful. The natural high, during and afterwards, all revved up, unable to sleep, thoughts and ideas swirling. I'm so glad for you. You deserve the best life has to offer, and I wish it all for you.



10:23 PM  
Blogger sarah jane said...

love reading all this. keep it coming. but then i'm a sucker for all things process.


8:05 AM  

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