Sunday, April 13, 2008

i think we're gonna make a record

one of the many things i love about recording is
when things are going well
10 hours can seem like 1
the time flies by in a blur of creativity
it's a rush i cannot describe
nothing i've ever felt feels quite like it
this was one of those days
i showed up with my own producer hat on
thinking we should try something light and easy
like "pictures"
but billy had his own plan
"let's do, blink of an eye" he said
ah...another heavy one...
a song i about carter
i don't usually feel precious about my songs
but i gotta admit
i do about this one
"ok...why not?" i thought
billy told me to play it for him
right there on the couch in the living room
after i rang the last chord he mentioned some things about the structure
so we worked on that a bit
then i went into the vocal room
and started playing it live
he got a click track going for me
which made me laugh
i said he didn't have to do that
he said he wanted to
i gotta admit
it felt good having back my "brassiere"
we spent about an hour working on getting the right tempo
and fiddling with the song structure
once we had a good take
we started overdubbing
it was off to the races
everything we did worked instantly
and it felt kinda like we'd been making music together for much longer
than 1 and a half days
billy came up with another super cool
piano part
really evocative and haunting
i picked up the foot long casio sk-1 and the first sound i chose
was perfect for this little part i was thinking about
it was just one of those days
everything we did was easy
and toward the end something happened to me
that has never happened in all my years of making music
billy was playing his hofner electric guitar
and then i closed my eyes
and it sounded exactly like carter
although billy had never met him or seen him play before
what he was playing sounded identical to carter's very
distinctive way of bending notes
and then i was overtaken
i couldn't help it
tears welled up and there i was
sitting behind billy
crying like a baby
it felt like carter was right there with us
i will never forget that moment
it has already made all of this more worthwhile
than i could have ever imagined


Blogger Ron said...

Carter will always be with you. He's part of you.



9:01 AM  

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