Thursday, May 15, 2008

lose yer mind to da bass loop

i didn't sleep well last night
a bass part idea
for "western hills"
looped in my brain
for 12 hours
over and over
and over again
it tormented me
i woke up at 7am
after a fitful night
of tossing and turning
with "bah da bah da"
thumping in my brain
all night long
we went to borden creek
for some breakfast taco galore
bass loop still going full throttle
driving me nutso
i was beginning to even get a little snappy
when it took half an hour for our tacos to arrive
ready to go off on someone with a tofu stick!
at 2pm i finally found peace
billy put me out of my misery
by letting me tack this instrumental idea
onto the end of "western hills"
and my bass loop jumped from my brain
and into the song
i was able to finally let go of my little thumping buddy!!
we worked another 3 hours on "w.h."
added the wah-wah trumpet from the wurlitzer
and a few other things
we agreed it sounded great and then moved on

billy suggested doing "be here now" next
i played it for him as he sat on the living room couch
we both sadly agreed the blasted lyric
at the end of the chorus
that i'd been working to fix
for months
was still not right
it had to be perfect
it was the key to the whole song
we brainstormed word options for about half an hour
settled on some stuff we thought was better
then decided to record it
by the way
we're doing every song to click tracks now
billy said "how 'bout you try your 12-string acoustic?"
after a few strums he said
"that's vibe central right there - done!"
so i put down the 12-string part
which was significant for me
because it was the first recording of this special instrument
given to me on my birthday
from my close friend ron
i was really happy when i heard how great it sounded
it was just what the song needed
and it already made it stand out from the other tunes
in a good way
after that i sang a lead vocal on the 251
billy did some killer high harmonies
played my p-bass through the fender deluxe
and we decided to call it a night
10 hours gone in the blink of an eye

poof - done!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a productive day. My favorite parts are "this special instrument" and "my close friend ron." Also "i was really happy when i heard how great it sounded." Love it. I'm misty eyed.

5:11 AM  

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