Friday, May 30, 2008

days disappear

"days disappear" was the last song recorded for snowing in my heart
i had already decided on the song sequence
but track number 4 was giving me fits
i imagined it needed to be
a jangly 12-string electric affair
melodic and melancholic
and "golden"
for any old MF fans out there this tune begs the game
"can you spot the re-cycled tune?"
i completely re-wrote the words to one of my best
old songs
"p_______ f___"
then changed the key
changed the tempo
made it into a brand new song

i didn't expect for this experiment to work
but i was pleasantly surprised by the results
a far superior lyric
to those penned by me 12 years earlier
maybe this line is a thinly veiled reference
to the "old" SN (whoever that was...)?

"so much i wanted to say
but the words came out wrong"

rip and i worked many hours on this recording
(maybe too many?)
he might agree
i wanted the drum loop bits in the breaks just right
i think they ended up just right
check the tick tock on verse 3
pretty nifty if i do say so myself
thank you pancho for your diligence!
in the end i think we had around 110 tracks total
rip started joking about adding more stuff
"you're never gonna believe this...but i'm hearing something we need to add!"
a lot of the 110 tracks were muted
what happens when you record songs that no one has ever played before
is you end up tracking a lot of stuff just to get to parts that are usable
in essence you're recording while people are still learning the song

"days disappear" ended up a bit of a electric guitar epic
and i don't mean in a bon jovi sorta way
carter albrecht played the evocative 12 string electric part
i ended up basing the whole song around
on his white daisy rock
john lefler was there too with some nice verse counter melodies
chris holt contributed a great lead line on the bridge
very "king tide"
and once again the rhythm section of dufilho and deshazo
kept it simple and very effective
a more talented group of musicians on this track
than one could ever hope to find

thanks guys - i love you all


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Pedestal Fall.

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