Tuesday, May 20, 2008

gang style

remember the song i dreamt?
"love is all around"
well we re-visited that one today
billy played the taylor 12-string
it gave us that phil spector wall of sound thing
that we were going for
(thanks again ron!)
it was just what the docotr ordered
that 12-string is our secret weapon
i added a little rhodes bit on the chorus'
billy sang some backups
then we made rough mixes of all 11 songs
it was a lot of fun hearing them all
"western hills" blasted out of the speakers like
"1978" meets "haevy metal drummer"
billy's soaring vocals on "endless dream days" gave me the chills
after hearing it i said
"now tell me if that sounds like anyone else?!!"
"in the blink of an eye" is still my favorite
i can't wait for you to hear it
"be here now" sounds like the "single"
yeah - right...
but more importantly
a message i need to hear daily

billy suggested going to jack rock's studio
at the end
to run the vocals through the fairchild compressors
(beatles fame)
and use spoon's engineer jim valentine to help us tweak
the mixes
we'll see what happens
things changing daily
no real plan even set for when i'm supposed to come back again
maybe early July?
i really hope so
right now that feels like a long time to wait
it's gonna be tough waiting that long to come back

tomorrow bob s. is supposed to come over
to help us put down "saint georges"
i'm really happy about this
we've known each other 23 years
and never played a note on one of each other's records
it's about time
it's gonna be fitting
doing a song about a lady i knew in el paso
with my friend
and ex-bandmate
from the el paso daze
i have a plan for bob billy and i to all sing along
togther on the chorus'
get ready world!
background vocals

gang style!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're welcome, again, Salim. Wish I could be there to hear it -- the 12-string and the songs.

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so ready to hear the final mix on "In The Blink Of An Eye" as well as everything else. Thanks for keeping us updated and hungry for the new music!


6:37 AM  

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