Monday, June 09, 2008

it's lonely when you're all alone

"i spend my days watching the walls..."

the only song on this record
with even the slightest sense of humour
i must admit
i don't want to get this serious again
snowing is such a formal affair
i think it's time to loosen the collar a bit
lighten up a tad
the wry melodic melodrama
of this tune
was meant as a pastiche to my brother's music
the lyrics about his solitude
not mine
or maybe only mine as a child
certainly not as an adult
i think i'd even taken these lines from
almost an exact quote from F

"if there were any justice in this world i’d be a saint
put on the highest pedestal
not covered in house paint"

billy harvey and i tracked most of this one together
it was done in one summer afternoon
a precursor to what i'm doing now
billy drove up here from austin
just to do this
which i greatly appreciated
i spent a couple of hours playing him my songs
before we settled on recording this one
billy played the drums
i played bass
then he dropped and mic in the piano
ran it into a the silvertone amp
put a delay on it
and got the coolest piano sound ever
it instantly defined the song
after we finished "it's lonely..." i was pretty sure i wanted to make my next record
with this guy
so i am


Blogger Ron said...

What the hell were you doing up at 6 am? I must be rubbing off on you. "I spend my days watching the walls..." Do the walls watch back? "They say I'm crazy, I need help." Isn't that a given? You have to be crazy to be in the music business. Great song, by the way.

10:58 AM  

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