Saturday, June 07, 2008

don't be afraid

i started writing "don't be afraid" on april 14, 2005
i didn't finish it until december 24, 2005
ironic now that i look back
that j. christ's birthday falls on the day i finished it
christmas eve
at the time he was one of my most dear
but fearful friends
don't worry
i haven't lost my mind
it's johnny not jesus

there are 2 recorded versions of this song
the first one i did
has remained unreleased until now
it will actually be released soon
when paisley pop unlocks the 9 snowing out-takes from the nourallah vaults
i played "don't be afraid" to rip
for the first time while he got the drums ready to record
he loved the song but thought it should drive a little harder
than i'd imagined
so we undertook the "up" version
daniel hopkins played some great rock'n'roll drums
one of his liveliest performances ever
chris holt and carter albrecht were the guitar section
and carter's seering verse electric was the perfect catalyst
for danny balis and his stop/start bass part
i liked the way it turned out
it's got a great driving energy
it's probably one of the most commercial things
i've ever recorded
i easily picture hearing it blazing on jukeboxes nationwide
there's often a "but..." with me...
i'd always wanted to do this tune with a gentle george harrison lilt to it
a lot less agressive
more of an invitation or suggestion
than a demand
to me the rock version somehow didn't quite fit on the record
i couldn't put my finger on it exactly
maybe i was just paranoid of it being too "ham fisted"
(translation: arena ready)
see - i don't actually want to ever sell records!!
so i pushed for a re-do
the 2nd time around john dufilho played drums
i played the bass
chris holt electric guitar
carter sang the angelic "ahh" backups on the verses
this is the version you know
and hopefully

"there’s some things i know
that we’re all scared of
meet them head on
yeah, face them with love"

there's a funny video clip of me doing an interview
for german TV
where the hostess says to me
"of your brother faris now you've dedicated a song to him, don't be afraid"
now i have no idea where on earth she got that information
because it is, in fact
without a doubt - not in any way tied to F
the look on my face as she asked me that question
was potentially more priceless than the "up" version of this song

"the pain will cease
and you’ll be happy then
let in the light
let the healing begin"

no single person came to mind when i wrote these lyrics
they are simply a daily reminder to myself
my family and to you
to try not to succumb to the darkness that surrounds us all
it's not religious in any way
it's just a song about love and hope
and an attempt to heal the wounds inflicted by fear
as i see it
that's really our main obstacle
on the road to happiness


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the pain will cease
and you’ll be happy then
let in the light
let the healing begin"
Some pains never cease, or even lessen.

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