Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the 11th hour

i'm going to crystal clear sound
to master the new cd tomorrow
it's going to be called "ciphers from snowing"
11 misfits that didn't quite make it
if i'd stuck to my guns and done the double cd
these tunes would've been sides 3 and 4
(of the vinyl)
jayme is almost finished with the artwork
it's fantastic
the cover is one of her paintings
called "cipher in the snow"
thus - the title of this record
we got lena
to handwrite the titles
just like she did on snowing
(thank you lena!)
it's all going to tie into the first cd
really nicely
i'm actually way more excited about this release
than i'd thought i would be
but one song in particular
has been bothering me ever since we tracked it
it's called "anywhere but here"
it's about my son growing up
and moving away
i guess it has a lot of sentimental value to me
i wanted to get it right
but something inside kept telling me
it wasn't right
i asked rip to come over tonight
in the 11th hour
and work on it
as always
he was there in the clutch
we re-visited this song
over 1 year since we'd last walked away from it
rip re-cut the drums
with a great tom mallet part and then brushes on the snare
i re-did the lead vocal
my voice really not in top form but i still beat the original vocal
and then pancho rowan suggested i re-do the acoustic guitar part
on my nylon stringed spanish guitar
it was a really good suggestion
and proved to be the final touch
that took this song from out-take status
to being as good or better than anything on snowing

at 1am we sat in the car and listened to our mix
in the darkness
we both felt like we'd just done something really good
thank you rip
i appreciate all of the things you've done over the years
more than words can say


Anonymous Anonymous said...

reserve my copy please :~)

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why did the girl in the painting for ciphers stop and turn around?

7:15 AM  
Anonymous pancho said...

you're welcome

9:02 PM  

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