Tuesday, June 10, 2008

snowing in my heart

"throw open the windows
put your favorite record on"

this song is the eldest of the bunch
written in october of 2004
as i was wrapping up beautiful noise
i was so excited about it
i recorded it straight away
jayme loved it
and was disappointed that i didn't include it on BN
but in my chilly little heart (pun intended)
it felt like "snowing..." was the beginning of the "next step"
i promised her it would be on the next record
she didn't believe me
but i meant it
i re-visited the recording i made in '04 in '06
i replaced the digital piano with the real thing
i'd recently aquired
F's old upright
a big improvement to the studio
one day i phoned him up and he proclaimed
"my piano is on ebay - BUY IT NOW for $1000"
he'd paid 7 for it
i didn't expect to buy a piano that day
but i couldn't pass it up
(thanks for the $$ mom!)

"laughing in the face of
everything that scares you"

this song is about the longing to be a child again
to be free from the shackles of adult fear
and baggage
i wrote it gavie's room
when i discovered a sound on his mini casio keyboard
the melody appeared just like that
it's a crystal clear memory i still have
of sitting on his bedroom floor
pecking out this little melody
while he happily played
i didn't really know what the lyrics were about
until i had time to figure it all out
a bit later


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you didn't put "Snowing..." on BN. BN is complete as is. Even the bonus song, as much as I like it, just doesn't feel quite right at the end of BN.
A Concerned Citizen

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesse used to have one of those Casio keyboards. I remember sitting on his bedroom floor and playing it.

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I re-listened to the Snowing album yesterday. The song fits perfectly on that album (it's placed perfectly too). Good choice.

7:47 AM  

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