Friday, June 13, 2008

the terror

do you have the stomach for this one?
i'm curious...

this song was a colossal pain in the ass
a recording nightmare
finally finished after over one hundred tracks
(most muted and un-used)
the first attempt went dreadfully wrong for me
it ended up being a radioheadish
modern rock fiasco
so i sacked it
even though i liked the tune
i was sick and tired of it
and very disappointed in it's recording
months later it was still nagging me
so i went back
muted everything but the vocal and started over
simple plastic ono drums from daniel
big sad piano chords from richard martin
rip extended the slow build to push the song almost to 6 minutes
(a total pain in the ass!)
i felt bad when i asked him to do this
and then we used carter's beautiful noise
to push the wicked buildup to the edge
i dare you to crank your stereo and listen to this one
it wil puncture your eardrums and drive you insane!!

my mom's only comment on snowing was
"it's nice - except for the last song?
why would you want to do that?"

"there’s nothing that can save you
all the love in the world
evaporates to nothing when it is your turn"

this song deals with me darkest fears
why on earth i wrote a song
that tried to capture this feeling
i don't really know
i guess it was some sort of therapy for me
it's definitely not entertainment



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's therapy for the listener too. At least for me. I love the song. And I think it's perfect to end the album with, after Snowing.

I know the feeling of having to redo, and redo, and redo a song until it's right. A pain in the butt, but when you finally get it, it's worth it.

"It's nice." Typical mom comment. I've heard that so many times -- from both parents. I'd work my ass off over a song, thinks it's great, get all excited about playing it for them, and then get "It's nice." Neither of my parents understood my type of music at all. The only time was on my dad's birthday once. His favorite song was Greensleeves, so I worked up a beautiful fingerpicking version of it and played it for him. He really liked that. Made me feel good.
In conclusion to my novella post, The Terror is a great song and it belongs exactly where you put it.

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because without darkness there is no light, they balance each other out.

- Janice...

2:42 PM  

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