Sunday, June 22, 2008

100% efficiency?

i had one of those very rare days
where i felt like i was functioning
with 100% efficiency
if only all days could be like this...

up at 9:30
a bowl of c.h. with blueberries
worked on my blog
a half hour later comes the stomp stomp stomp
of little feet
"dada!!! i'm up now - time for cereal!"
eyes squinting
bedhead blazing
after breakfast
G and i go to whole foods
for some dolmas feta cheese and
veggie hotdogs
we hang out for a bit and have a "concert"
me and him sitting on the bench in the living room
strumming matching ukuleles and singing silly songs
today we sang G's hit
"i don't care anymore" plus
"boomking" and "gavin is a monkey"
after that i went out to the studio and rounded up
a few things i'd been meaning to unload
we went up to cd world and i picked up a nifty
red and black western shirt
after lunch
some yard work
a trip to home depot for some rocks
yeah, that's right
it's pretty sad when you're paying for a bag of rocks
after yard work
i cleaned the studio
G money played drums
then played the electric bass
he asked me to make a strap for him
so he could stand up and play
it was pretty hilarious watching the little guy
rock out with his imitation beatle bass
i organized another pile of cds and took them over to jayme's studio
to make more room for my songwriting cds
that are hogging up 2 shelves
and expanding every month
after that it was dinner time
and you know what that means
when it's dinner time...
after dinner
i went for a run with G
don't worry
he road in his chariot while i pushed him
i've never been a runner
always hated it actually
but jayme's got me doing it now
and it feels good
i've never felt better actually
i guess i was just always too lazy before
not anymore!

after i put G to bed
i ducked out to the studio
while J worked on photos
i backed up a bunch of my music files
sent r.w. "all those days down there"
which i'd promised to do weeks ago
but forgot (sorry ron!)
while i was doing this i discovered a folder
called "miscellaneous"
in it were 4 or 5 tracks
a studio recording of "i'll be around"
a demo with rip of "it's lonely..."
a song called "dreaming" that i'd almost forgotten about
plus a pretty funny tune i wrote/jammed
with bob schneider in 3 hours called "impressive"
after listening to everything
i decided to add "dreaming"
and "impressive" to the ciphers cd
bringing the track total up to 11
so that's my day in a nutshell


Blogger Ron said...

This day was the 7th of June, over two weeks ago (I looked it up). You should have videotaped the "concert" with G. So while you were getting the track to send me, you found those two others that are now going to be on ciphers. Do I get an album credit for that? My middle initial is B.

8:16 AM  

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