Thursday, June 19, 2008

selling art to make art

it's a nice cool overcast morning
the birds and squirrels going crazy in our backyard
as i write this
i'm looking out at them frolicking
it's a peaceful sight

i'm playing dada tonight
with lefler
and holt
lee simmons from austin
and one of the bright light bands
i'm gonna try to be in the here and now today
my mind has been racing away from me lately
makes me think of
"too many problems that i can't explain..."
a little bit of "overwhelmed" playing as my personal
soundtrack lately
i got some good news last week
"life in a split second" is going to be included
on a new TV show on ABC
called "the secret lives of american teenagers"
it's supposed to go down in july
i also got a promising email from a company in canada
called arpix
that's interested in my song "montreal" for canadian TV
that would be nice
and fitting
wouldn't it?

jayme's fabulous painting
that ended up the cover of the new
old 97's cd "blame it on gravity"
is up for auction this week on ebay
keep your fingers crossed
baby needs to make a new record!
with all the time i've been taking off lately
recording in austin
we decided now was the best time to unload
the "ace in the hole"
i suppose we're selling art
to make art


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on the TV spots. I hope they play the whole thing and not just a split second.

10:17 AM  

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