Thursday, July 10, 2008

the return of harvey danger

well i'm back in austin
for my 3rd visit with dangerous billy harvey
it's been 6 weeks since i was here last
it feels like yesterday
it feels like a previous lifetime
a lot of action went down while i was away...
i helped finish 4 records (even one of my own)
got so down
came back around
ran 100 miles
moved into club dada
strummed and strummed
played and played
reconnected with a dear old friend
waved goodbye to my wife as she went to london
kissed her when she got back
watched G money dress like a knight
a robot
david bowie
and countless other characters from his vivid imagination
he also grew...
i had some kung fu fighting
a haircut
watched our beloved backyard tree get chopped down
bought a ton of rocks
missed hearing my song on bad TV
saw a ghost
ran out of things to say on my blog
and ate 2 of the best meals of my life at the new ali baba
that's the short of it
now that i'm here again
back in austin
it's time for me to slow down
breathe in
breathe out
clap on
clap off
now where were we?
i think i was making a record...
but the lights are off
i think we're almost done tracking
we spent 4 hours today
working on a bass part for "it's not enough"
billy was a trooper
he didn't get frustrated
even though it was a bit of a whipping
a tricky one to put down
and i passed on being the bass player
'cause i knew it would be
i don't think we've spent this much time
on any single track on this record
but in the end i think it was worth it
billy's phat fuzzy lenny kravitz bass groove
hoggs up the low end like biscuits soaking up gravy
on a hot sunday evening
how's that for some creative writing 101?
after that we were both a bit worn out
so we went to "zen" and had rice bowls
ahhhhh to eat in austin again
such a delight
so where do you go from zen?
well it was kinda downhill from there
i cut my hottest track of the day
synthetic handclaps on "love is all around"
(pancho and the cut-off know-my specialty)
and then we knocked it on the head
billy thankfully sent me on my way with a movie to watch
"cigarettes and romance" written and directed by john turturo
the first movie i'd seen james gandolfini in since
the sopranos ended
the role christopher walken was born for
the whole cast excellent
it was hysterically funny
and deeply touching
you'll laugh
you'll cry
you'll want to order pizza and calzones
it was amazing
and for all of you out there in cyber land
a definite must see
trust me
have i let you down so far?
go rent it now
you won't be sorry
but one word of advice
don't watch it with your parents
unless they like a lot of dirty bad words!!


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