Friday, July 18, 2008

the end of round 3 feels like round 15

bruce hughes showed up around 12:30
with a giant upright bass
crammed into his blue bmw sedan
i'd seen him over the last 10 years many times
at bob's shows
but never really got to hang out with him much
he was all smiles
and really gracious
a phenomenal bass player
and pleasant gentleman
we brought up "endless dream days" first for him
it was interesting playing it for him
and getting his reaction
because i haven't played this stuff to anyone
he said at first it made him think of sigur ros
but then he realized it wasn't that at all
he seemed to like it
which made me feel good
this guy's heard a lot of tunes in his day
and i knew he didn't throw compliments around lightly
we did 6 takes of bass on dream days
the last one with him bowing a bit
for something different
the stuff he put down sounded great
i think it was just what the song needed
to finish it off
after that we brought up "saint georges"
he listened to it once
then we rolled
he pretty much nailed it on the first pass
but then we rolled another take just as a "safety"
billy had to split at 3 so it was perfect timing
at 6 billy and i re-convened for some rough mixes
by the time we said goodbye around 9
i realized this past week had taken a lot outta both of us
we were mentally exhausted
i couldn't stand another second of the sound of my own voice
warbling these tunes
i wanted to erase every vocal i heard and start over
i know it was irrational
but i was worn out
a lot of time and effort went into what we did these past 8 days
carefully adding to these recordings
walking the tightrope we'd laid out
trying not to fall off on the wrong side and mess things up
trying to make a decent record is a painstaking process
i love being here but
i'm ready to go back to dallas
i need a decent night of sleep
i miss our home
i miss our routine
i need time to consider where this record is at
and what needs to be done to finish it
right now i feel like i need to step away from it
for at least a week or two
before i can objectively see it for where it really is
it's only the end of round 3
but it feels like i've been tko'd in 15


Blogger Ron said...

Everything you're writing about making your album brings back so many memories. Everything you go through during your sessions, all the emotions, needing to step back for a week or two, safety tracks, etc. I miss it. Be here now. You left out the part about all the lap dances and drunken orgies (the real funmaker), but I guess that was for Jayme's sake, so I won't get picky.

7:00 AM  

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