Saturday, July 12, 2008

brother make me a b.b. and j please!

i spent the night waking up every 2 hours
almost on the dot
i'd be straight up in bed
staring at the clock
then plop back down and pass out again
it was kind of odd

billy and i worked a short day because he had a gig
in houston with bob s.
we put some bass and drums on "don't mind me"
neither of us were sure if we liked it any better
i guess tomorrow we'll see how we feel...

i went to dinner with L and L
and my friend marc yeadon
we ate at mother's
one of my favorite austin restaurants
i'm an admitted breakfast taco fanatic
and it only took one look at their brunch menu
to start my mind racing with delightful thoughts of culinary debauchery
i asked L and L if we could come back sunday for breakfast
they said "yes"
i was happy
since mother's only serves it on the weekend
i even know what i'm gonna order sunday
so there!
a full report is forthcoming

marc was thumbing through the chronicle at dinner
and saw my old friends fastball were playing
at the continental on congress
L and L were going to see peter murphy at emo's
so we parted ways and marc and i headed south
it had been many years since i'd last seen
miles tony and joey play together
it was good to see them again
i'll never forget how blown away i was
when i first saw the band
way back in '98
a rockin' 3 piece with duel harmonies throughout every song
they were a fantastic pop punk band
i have lots of fond memories
hanging out and playing shows with them

the continental show was unfortunatley marred
by terrible earsplitting sound
so loud it made me feel almost queasy
i wanted to pulverize the deaf soundguy
who was boppin' along behind the mixing console
like he actually knew what he was doing
instead i just walked outside
and stood out front
i listened there
it sounded way better on the street

bobby bare jr. played after fastball
doing a pixies cover band thing
the happiness factor played a trees show with him
and superdrag 10 years ago
after the show bobby tried to get our drummer john jay
to join up with him
at least he had good taste in beat keepers!
john jay was a great one
a tall lanky ball of energy
who used to regularly put his left foot up on the high-hi stand
and smoke with his left had while he kept a ferocious
rock'n'roll beat going
with just one hand
it truly had to be seen to be believed
just another one of my rock'n'roll friends that could've (should've)
been famous!
the thing that was most obvious to me
when hearing bobby bare jr. try and tackle the pixies tunes
was how great a singer mr. black francis was
trying to sing that material
is definitely no job for the weak throated
poor b.b.j.
make me a sandwich instead brother!!!


Blogger Rip Rowan said...

hope your ears are still ok after the sonic torture at the continental. peace brother. pancho, over & out.

12:12 AM  

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