Wednesday, July 16, 2008

lisa and lee plus the funmaker

well richie came through
kind of
i still spent 2 hours staring at the ceiling
wide awake
before i drifted off
to noura-la-la land
i even sang his song in my head
to try and bring on the big sleep
but hundreds of thoughts filled my head instead

when i woke up this morning it was tough getting going
but once i did
i felt much better
even like a human being again!
i went for a nice run
with some really good tunes coming in on shuffle
"helicopter" by bloc party (which was a great one to start to)
"human kindness" by neil finn
"ali in the jungle" by the hours
just to name a few
when i got home billy called and asked if we could
move our start time back to 2:30
so lisa and i had some extra time on our hands
we had lunch which she'd kindly prepared
it was excellent as always
she's a fabulous veggie cook!
then we went to the post office and mailed the last
of the promo cds she's been sending out for me
she's been diligently working on trying to spread the word
sending snowing in my heart out to radio stations
coast to coast
without her efforts it wouldn't hvae been done this time
i don't feel like i have the proper words to thank her
or show my all of my appreciation
i am deeply grateful to her though

in case you didn't already know
lisa and lee are a significant reason as to why i'm here
making this record with billy
without their generous friendship
and hospitality
i wouldn't be here
the fact that they live less than 2 miles from
billy's house is not just a freaky coincidence
but also the final sign that screamed at me
to come do this
it still amazes me that we met one SXSW 4 years ago
while waiting to see the trash can sinatras play
i had no idea that striking up a conversation
with these 2 people would end up changing my life
so much for the better
was it fate?
who knows
but it was definitely good luck
they've both been at the center of everything i've done
these past few years
thank you L and L i love you both very much

as far as recording today
well our beleaguered middle aged protagonists
were a bit better today
i felt a lot better than yesterday at least
we worked some more on "pictures"
and billy finally played his orange framus electric
the coolest guitar i've ever seen
he ran it through a vintage delay pedal
and it sounded really cool
i think some of the parts he put down were good
but for some reason i was reticent in jumping in with
any opinions or guidance
i also re-cut my bass part
with billy's rickenbacker
once again i was sort of zoned out
i don't know how the part turned out really
i guess it was acceptable if not terribly inspiring
when we signed off on the song i was only tired of listening
to it and had no perspective what-so-fucking ever as to whether
it was worth a toss or not
i can only cringe when i imagine how sick of it billy must've been
welcome to the highs and lows of recording!
we brought up "the wrong road" next
billy added an organ part straight from the wurlitzer funmaker
that was pretty awesome
it was the best moment of the day
i think we both even smiled a little
the organ greatly improved the vibe of the track for me
and made me wish again
that i had my very own funmaker
maybe someday...
one can only dream right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Divine Order - it's a beautiful thing

3:22 PM  
Blogger Ron said...

Is that th3 funmaker 435?

7:20 AM  
Anonymous Hopper said...

Wish I'd know you wanted a Funmaker - I just sold one a month ago!

11:52 AM  

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