Tuesday, July 15, 2008

will sleep come down?

i'm really messed up today
i only slept 2 hours last night
it's been 4 or 5 days in a row now
with hardly any sleep
it's beginning to add up in a terrible way
i feel worse than horrible
when i got to billy's at 12:30
he looked like shit too
he said he was feeling down
i didn't know what to say
we were both the walking wounded today for sure
there are bound to be good days and bad
this one fell on the latter half
so we limped along
it wasn't gonna stop us
just slow us down a bit
i was feeling really guilty today that billy had to play drums
it's just that i'm done with all of the things i do ok
like singing acoustic guitar and bass
i wished i could play the drums today
i would've given the poor guy a break
but he was a trooper
as always
with a gentle smile
and positive attitude
even though i knew he was hurting
he cut some acoustic guitars on "pictures collected"
then sang some really nice waterloo sunsetish backing vocals
i was sitting on the striped orange chair
listening with headphones
when he came in after fiddling with the mix for an hour
all i said was "it sounds good...do you know jeff healey died?"
i think it made him feel like i wasn't appreciative
i was
but i was just f'ed today
morose and stupid
i felt bad again after that happened
we spent awhile on the drums
a couple of hours at least
it was taxing us both
we were like to sumo wrestlers in quicksand
grasping for something to pull us out of the sludge with
billy had to call it at 6:30
because he's playing with bob at the saxon
i can't imagine going to play a gig tonight
in the state i'm in
i felt bad for him again
i'm going to try and turn in early tonight
and pray to richard butler
that sleep comes down


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