Thursday, July 17, 2008


i knew by the smile on billy's face
when he opened his front door
that today was going to be better
he was almost perky
maybe just shy of it
right away he suggested that we have a go at
"stranger in my own skin"
"we can play the bass and drums at the same time - it'll be fun"
i agreed
i stood and played my fender p-bass
in the control room
while billy played the drums in the garage
it was the first session this week
that had the energy of our first two weeks
time flew by
it felt good
even though this song proved to be quite the bitch
we worked on the drums for almost 6 hours
both of us pretty tired by the end of the day
but still feeling good
we tried all kinds of things especially at the beginning
of the song
to try and get the drums to fit in right
i think it was worth the time and effort
in the end i left feeling really good about our day
even though that's all we worked on
tomorrow bruce hughes is coming over
to play upright bass on "endless dream days"
he's a fantastic bass player
i've never had the upright on any of my records
so this will be a first for me
i imagined it on this song
but wonder if it'll fit
we have a lot to do tomorrow
so billy wants to get started at 11
other than the bass we've gotta make rough mixes
of the entire record
it's been a crazy week
J and G are here now and i don't think i could've waited
another day
i was so happy to see them drive up this afternoon
i felt like it had been a month
i'm really glad i don't have a job that takes me away
from them often
just another thing i feel very grateful for


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