Saturday, August 09, 2008

lucky day?

scores of people clamouring to get married on this "lucky" day
i didn't even think about it
until jayme mentioned it to me...

the alarm went off tragically at 5am
i had been asleep for under 3 hours
because i had to work until 2am
i was so delirious i could barely speak
i'm pretty sure i was actually grunting like
phil hartman's frankenstein on saturday night live
we headed to my mom's house
with G in tow
in the dreary drizzling rain
4 minutes down the road i realized i'd forgotten my cell phone
not exactly a good day to do that
i wondered if this was going to be my lucky day
G was excited to see his nannie
he was also wondering why on earth we were up
and it was still dark
he sat on her front porch swinging his legs in a grownup chair
as he watched mommy and daddy
wrestle with swapping his car seat out
after 15 minutes doing that in the rain
we kissed him goodbye and headed back home to get the phone
already the traffic on the streets was picking up
it was still dark
and with the rain coming down
sort of ominous and depressing
i thought about how outta touch i was with the get up and go to work before dawn life
i felt "lucky"
but still wondered about how the day to come

we checked in to Baylor around 6:20
the hospital was empty
and freezing
jayme was perky
i was not
i bet if you'd looked at us you would have never been able to guess
who was about to go under the knife
yet another reason to admire my wife
about 7am they took us back to pre-surgery
it was pretty lavish
a flimsy curtain was drawn around the bed
everything in the place looked like it was made in russia
maybe sometime in the late '60s
they handed jayme a paper gown
and instructed her to put her clothes in a bag
i felt sick with worry
after talks from the nurse
and doctor
we said goodbye
and i went to the waiting room
i sat there for a long time
nodding in and out of consciousness
listening to the i-pod
and watching bad bad morning tv
i had no idea what a wasteland morning tv is
because i'm never up that early!
around 10:30 the doctors came out
they took me to a room that said "consultation" on the door
they were smiling
which i thought was good
they told me they took an apple sized cyst out
that was twisted up in jayme's right fallopian tube
she "must've been in quite a bit of pain" the doctor said
we'd lucked out
this was the best case scenario
the cyst was not cancerous
they didn't have to take anything else out
like they'd said they were afraid they were going to have to do
i wanted to run outside with my arms in the air
like some sort of titanic hospital de caprio
i went outside
and sat in the sun
then i read all the beautiful text messages you all sent
wishing J the best
sending your prayers and love to us
it worked
jayme is going to be ok

i felt lucky


Blogger Ron said...

Thank goodness! I didn't text message you. I don't have your cell phone number.

12:24 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Awesome! So happy everything went well. Thanks for the update

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't text message you. I don't have your cell phone number. (Hint, hint)

8:19 PM  
Blogger Domino said...

So glad to hear everything went well. I was definitely thinking of you and your family on Friday. Glad to know everything worked out.

5:37 PM  

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