Saturday, August 30, 2008

king kong mission statement

i've got 100 times the energy to get things done
that i ever had as a young man

we're gonna remember our friend carter on wednesday
and celebrate his wonderful life
and we're gonna remember our friend anju
and raise money for the anju gill foundation
we're gonna book show after show after show in anju's name
and we're gonna put loads of money in the bank
then flood the dallas music scene with love
and good music
i'm going to finish salim vs. shibboleth
i'm going to finish live at pleasantry lane 2
and the live sons of hermann dvd
i'm gonna work 6 days a week on my friend's records
i'm gonna celebrate "ciphers from snowing"
and its release on october 25th
at the granada theater
i'm gonna get "constellation" ready for release in may of '09
and go play it's songs all over the world
i'm going to tour america
for the first time in ages
i'm going to go to europe
and play sit down and sing
then i'm gonna go back again and headline
my own tour
i'm gonna go to vienna
and paris
and brussels
and amsterdam
and the rhineland
i'm gonna ask my friend billy to come along
and play his music too
i'm gonna write
and sing
and record
i will be relentless
i won't sleep
i will go to bed late
and wake up early
and then play and play and play
and play some more
i'm gonna find more to do
'cause i don't have time to mess around
i don't have time for broken promises
i don't have time for liars
or thieves
or john mccain
i don't have time for naysayers
or back daters
i'm gonna take care of my wife and son
i'm gonna take care of my friends
i'm gonna be here now
i'm gonna write and write and write
and then publish a book of the best of
"it's snowing in my heart"
so if you've got some more for me to do
bring it on
i'm ready...

i'm tired now


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy Smokes! You need an agent?


5:07 AM  
Blogger sarah jane said...

yeah! and dear god I have got to get that set of cds to you, asap. i'm stopping by ya'll's place this weekend and leaving a package on the front porch or something.

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To quote James Joyce: "YES."

Love for you and all of your wonderful plans!!!


6:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"so if you've got some more for me to do
bring it on
i'm ready..."

I have some laundry that's building up.

8:37 AM  

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