Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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even with all the good intentions in the world
we still fuck it all up
and fuck our children up in the process
why are we so flawed?
for the most part
unable to get along
with each other
there's always a problem
always something to pick at
or someone to pick on
how could there ever be any hope of peace
in the world
when most of us can't even get along with our own
friends and loved ones?
it's sad
it's pathetic
it's pitiful
that as long as there are human beings
there will always be war
there will always be destruction
and injustice
soldiers shooting children
husbands beating wives
priests raping children
we are flawed to the point of absurdity
it is impossible for us not to behave badly
and we will most likely ultimately destroy ourselves
in a stupid and self-righteous mushroom cloud of arrogance

america wiped out approximately 220,000 japanese people
mainly civilians
with atomic bombs dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki
over 60 years later
it's all just a footnote in our history books
do we really get it?
does anybody still think about
or care about the severity of those actions?
think of your children dying from radiation exposure
in your very arms
the same gruesome and horrible way those people went
all in the name of self-defense or self-preservation?
it was an unforgivable act that should've never been committed
or accepted
i don't think this country has really paid
the moral debt for this one yet
i can't help but wonder what kind of karmic payback we still have in store for us...

a microcosm of what i'm going on about:
try and really tune in sometime to a conversation
you're having with a group of people
pay close attention to where it goes
if it lasts long enough
eventually the cracks materialize
how much of what is being said ends up negative?
i'm willing to wager on average
it's hovering around the 70% range
us humans love to talk trash
is it our egos?
is it the drama?
is it just more interesting to us to hear a nasty little story
than a nice one?
i've tried to understand my whole life
why do we bully
and pick on the weak?
why is it so much more appealing for poeple
to sit around and bitch
and moan
state the flaws in everybody
and everything
instead of talk about how wonderful
the world is
or how great
so and so is

i'm not suggesting we should or could live in a world
where no one ever says or thinks a bad thing
about someone else
that would be entirely too "up with people" or "jesus christ superstar" for me
but tonight i'm feeling overwhelmed
by how out of control our negativity is
so many petty squabbles
and for what?
us human beings
with our big mouths
and big egos
full of our ideals
and ways to improve the world
but ultimately too weighed down by our own flaws
to do anything about it


Anonymous Anonymous said...


The only change we can effect is our own. We can change our world, one conversation, kind smile, etc. at a time. Just holding back from the negative has tremendous power.

"Wherever you go, be kind, for everyone is fighting a very difficult battle." --Buddha


1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is indeed plenty of darkness out there - darkness is the absense of Love's Light. there are plenty of wonderful people out there too (like you dear one). i try to concentrate on the good stuff (like lovely friends and music). it's been a hard week, though, some of the humans with whom i have come in contact are about to get on my last nerve! Peace, ce

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"it was an unforgivable act that should've never been committed"

I don't think you understand the nature of our Japanese enemy. This was an enemy prepared to sacrifice every man, woman, and child to defeat the US.

If you doubt this, realize that after one atomic bomb was dropped, Japan still did not surrender. It required a second bomb for them to really understand and accept defeat.

Stop for a moment and ponder that fact. One bombing was insufficient to get them to stop fighting.

They must have been really, really dead-set on fighting to the last man.

So are you really so sure that there was a better alternative?

There was no negotiation to be had. It was fight to the last man. Or drop the bomb.

How many more lives might have been lost had we invaded Tokyo? Not just Japanese lives, either, but hundreds of thousands of American lives too?

Is it not possible - even likely - that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved hundreds of thousands of lives, both Japanese and American?

I don't glorify war. But it's easy to sit in our comfortable, protected bubbles and look into the rear-view mirror of hindsight and question why people made the decisions they made. They lived in a different time.

As for karmic payback, perhaps it's the other way around. We didn't bomb Pearl Harbor. The Japanese had a choice, and they chose to fight us. Their choice to start a fighting war. Not ours. The Japanese could have surrendered before the first bomb was dropped. They could have surrendered before the last bomb was dropped.

Their choices were at least as much to blame as ours.

Don't agree?

Suppsoe the US invaded Mexico, and the Mexican government said, "OK, guess what? We have a nuke, and we'll use it if you don't stop." And George Bush didn't stop, and Dallas got nuked, and a bunch of people we know died. And still George Bush didn't stop. And Mexico said, "we have another. Stop now or we'll use it". And still George Bush kept up his invasion. And then Houston got nuked, and another quarter of a million people had to die before George Bush surrendered.

Would you blame Mexico? Or George Bush?

And then, do you think that Mexico would spend billions of dollars to rebuild Texas? Because after WW2, we rebuilt Japan, and created its industry, and protected it with our troops from China.

Would Mexico do that for Texas?

Are you really so sure that the US is such an evil place?

Because I'm not.

12:44 PM  

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