Saturday, September 27, 2008

jj always gets his man

my dad told me this story years ago...

he was doing the tax return
of a pakistani medical doctor
who called him up one day in a panic
"my wife has lost a bag with $300,000 dollars in it!!
she is hysterical"
"what?" my father slowly replied
"how did this happen?..."
the wife was apparently at a local hotel
with an indian man
who happened to work for her husband
she had a bag with $300,000 in cash
that she was transporting
for her husband
she failed to explain why she was at a hotel
with the man
she said that after she came back from the ladies' room
the man
and the bag
had gone missing...

she was very upset
especially about the man being gone
"i know exactly who to call" my father said
"jay armes!!"

the doctor and armes met later that day
at my dad's accounting office on chelsea
the doctor recounted his wife's story
as jj sat there and quietly took it all in
after the doctor was finished
jj said
"i will get the money back for you...i need $20,000 up front
and then $30,000 once i get it back"
the doctor wrote him a check for 20K on the spot
jj immediately traced the rental of a private plane
to the indian man
who had flown it to dallas
and then caught a commercial flight to new deli
the wife was still very upset
so upset
in fact
that she went to india herself
to find the escape artist
weeks later
she returned to el paso
not with the money
but with the man
she was now very happy
and explained to her husband that this poor indian man's
family needed the money desperately
and she didn't have the heart to ask for it back
soon afterwards
the wife and her doctor husband
moved to california
along with the indian man
the money was gone
but armes still got his extra 30K


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